Friday, September 17, 2010

Behind The Scenes: Devil

Today I introduce a new feature called Behind The Scenes. This is where I discuss facts, tidbits, gossip and stories surrounding upcoming movies. Today marks the release of the new horror movie Devil and I wanted to discuss with you how it came to be.

Basically, it was all because of a dare.

Devil boasts that it's story was written by M. Night Shyamalan who, after making The Sixth Sense, was apparently given a lifetime pass to make any movie he wanted to any way he wanted to. This led to pretty good movies like Unbreakable and Signs before he had the brilliant notion to make The Village, a movie about a contemptible group of modern people who tell their kids that they're living in the 1800s and that they're surrounded by monsters so the kids won't want to leave. That began a path that led directly to this summer's The Last Airbender, the worst movie ever made ever in the history of movieness.

This set the stage for a lunch of wine, figs and arugula that M. Night Shyamalan was sharing with a good friend whom we will call...Tim.

"Wow, Night," Tim said, "I wouldn't have thought wine, figs and arugula would go so well together."

"Yep," Shyamalan responded, "it's an old family recipe."

"So Night, what's next for you after Last Airbender wraps?"

"I'm not sure, Tim. I don't really have any good ideas right now."

"So? That's never stopped you before. Ha ha."

"Ha ha."

"But seriously, you could propose anything and the studio would film it."

"Nonsense. No matter how much The Sixth Sense made, if it's a bad idea, someone at the studio would tell me."

"Oh yeah? I bet you could propose making a movie about the Devil taking an elevator ride and they'd greenlight it like that."


And the rest is history.

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