Thursday, September 2, 2010

Look At My Briefs -- 9/2/10

The local weather has just been upgraded from "Heck of a Day" to "Hell of a Day". There's not better way to celebrate something like this than to read another edition of my brief comments on various subjects I like to call Look At My Briefs.

Wow, this will be the best movie ever.

No, I take that back. THIS will be the best movie ever.

I'm assuming this movie with Cher and Christina Aguilera is an elaborate joke someone is playing on me and my response is, of course, kudos. This is basically Showgirls without the nudity. The problem is that the only reason to see Showgirls was the nudity. It was written and directed by Steve Antin, a guy known for absolutely nothing. His biggest screen credit was the mediocre 1999 remake of Gloria which makes me think he killed the guy who was actually supposed to direct this movie and offered to take the guy's place. I'm always happy to be proven wrong and, if I am, I'll say so. But I doubt that I'm wrong.

This movie, on the other hand, looks cool. It also seems to be well liked, at least among the horror film community. It looks like it was at least inspired by David Gerrold's War Against The Chtorr books which means it has cool roots. So why isn't it getting an American theatrical release? Because the world is stupid.

I didn't see the Emmys but I have seen the opening sketch and it was very odd because, unlike other awards show openings, it didn't make me want to get a machine gun and take out a shopping mall. The surgical removal of Kate Gosselin would have made it perfect.

Speaking of the Emmys, giving Jane Lynch an award for her role in Glee was probably the smartest thing that the Emmys have done in its...what...10 year history? I should look that up.

Someone made a musical centered around 9/11.
It doesn't matter if it's good or not as there's already been a musical about 9/11 and this movie will never be able to top it. That clip is from Great Britain's Skins and it must have been British as American television never would have had the guts to do that.

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