Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Between A Goon And New York City

My review of Arthur is up at Read it, tell your friends how incredible it is and how it changed your life. It's odd that I ended up recommending it since I felt comfortable in using it for a Bizarro World Review on Friday. Oh well.


Joe Barlow said...

Good review! I tried to leave a comment on the Examiner article itself, but I couldn't get it to take. (We use an ancient version of IE here at work that doesn't seem to like the Examiner re-fit that much.) Nice to see you on Examiner, by the way. I really enjoy writing for them.

As far as Arthur, I like the Dudley Moore original, but Russell Brand just seems so... creepy... in all the pictures/clips I've seen of the remake. He doesn't seem lovable and fun. He seems annoying, and looks angry in many of the photos, including the one you posted in the Examiner article. Definitely a rental at best for me.


Michael Clear said...

They want me to do more localized content. Can't blame them as that is their business model, just not sure how I can make a movie review local. I have an idea or two for local articles but not for reviews.