Friday, October 3, 2008

Carol Burn Net

Just thought I'd point out that, as of this writing, An American Carol has scored a staggering Zero Percent at* Of the revieq quotes up so far, this one from Kevin Carr of &M Pictures is the nicest:
It's neat to see a movie from another point of view... Still, the movie has a message, and that message gets in the way of the comedy at least half of the time

This confirms the prediction I made months ago, that this movie was doomed because it was made to push and agenda and not to entertain. I wonder if the filmmakers are shocked that their "If we get a guy whose last good movie was made 20 years ago to make a movie that preaches the neocon worldview while also finding hundreds of different ways to say that Michael Moore is a fat traitor, we'll score box office gold and guarantee a McCain presidency," has failed to come to fruition.

Personally, I can't wait to see this just to see how big of a trainwreck it is though it may be a while since the closest showing is 50 miles away and driving 50 miles is now a major investment thanks partly to the right wing agenda that is preached by this movie. Is that irony or a paradox? I always get those two confused.

*This statistic could change as more reviews come in.

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