Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Coming Soon

Yesterday was a holiday and, as this was written yesterday, I was left thoroughly uninspired to do much so I figured I'd use my magical wibbly wobbly timey wimey powers to look ahead and see what movies look good as the summer movie season kicks off. The answer? Not a whole hell of a lot. Seriously, Hollywood, do you really think Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider pissing in a pool is the way to get the young 'uns off of Facebook and into the theaters? Amd yeah, Megan Fox is hot but I can Google "Megan Fox" right now and see pictures of her with only her hands covering her boobs so I don't need to plunk down a sawbuck to watch her in Jonah Hex. As for Eclipse, well, yeah, that'll be a hit despite the fact that, judging by my own informal survey, the Twilight franchise is hated by 75% of the population but I guess 25% is all you need. But fear not, there are a few bright spots on the horizon, at least if their trailers are any indication.

First off, we have this brand new trailer for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

Sure, it's approximately the 47th movie in which Michael Cera plays some feckless wimp who can't get laid but decides to go after some sexy, perpetually bored looking girl anyway but it is the first time he's done so in a film based on a best selling graphic novel and under the direction of the guy who made Shaun of the Dead. Shaun wasn't a great movie but it was a great first half of a movie and that at least gives me cause for optimism.

Next up is Inception.

Christopher Nolan directing, Leo DiCaprio acting. How could you go wrong? Well, you can't unless you stop to think that Nolan made The Prestige which sucked and DiCaprio made Blood Diamond which also engaged in the practice of suckage. Still, I have faith that this will work out but I also had faith in The Prestige and Blood Diamond.

And that's it. Hope you had a nice Memorial Day that didn't involve going to see Sex and the City 2.


Dan Coyle said...

My brain keeps reading that as "INCEPTICON" and I wonder if Leo is a Headmaster in the movie.

As for Scott Pilgrim- what the FUCK happened to Mary Elizabeth Winstead? She looks COMPLETELY different from the last thing I saw her in.

Michael Clear said...

There's the hair, obviously. Last movie I saw her in was Grindhouse and I think she was a little heavier in that. It makes a huge difference when you lose 10 pounds that you didn't really have to lose. Michael Cera's movie girlfriends are usually on the waifish side and they probably wanted her to be closer to that look. Just speculation, of course.

Dan Coyle said...

Well yeah, if you look at her in Death Proof she doesn't really look like Ramona- but then, there are no human beings who look like the Scott Pilgrim characters as drawn. She looks fine in the role, and right for the character, it's just weird.

Cera's more iffy. Scott isn't exactly a Michael Cera character- he's mostly just kinda clueless but not meek. but let's face it, the movie wouldn't have gotten greenlit if Cera wasn't involved.