Thursday, June 24, 2010

Look At My Briefs -- 6/24/10

Today's Thursday. The good news is tomorrow's Friday. The even gooder news is that you now get to read another edition of my brief comments on various subjects I like to call Look At My Briefs.

The answer to this question is no. I believe the answer lies in prejudice against animated films by way too much of the Academy. Animated films, no matter how good, just aren't regarded as serious fare. You could animate Shoah and it wouldn't get nominated for Best Picture. On a related matter, all you animators may as well pack up your brushes/computers and go home, at least as far as awards go. Pixar's going to win Best Animated Film if for no other reason than that the award was created so Pixar could win it.

Speaking of Oscars, the telecast next year may move up to as early as January. As Roger Ebert said, this is mainly to get people to go see the nominated movies, most of which come out late in the year and are still in theaters in January. I don't mind that. The Hurt Locker could have really used the business and who knows, maybe Avatar would have made $3 billion instead of just two.

Only one more week till another one of those damn Twilight movies comes out. I, of course, must do my duty as a critic and go see it. I wasn't able to see Toy Story 3 until today but I bet I'll be fully available to see Eclipse on opening day. Great.

Speaking of shitty movies, it's a hell of an accomplishment to score a zero percent (as of this writing) on the Tomatometer but Grown-Ups managed to pull it off. Even if it shoots up to, say, 3%, the fact that it once achieved a perfect zero is still something to brag about since they certainly can't brag about the movie itself. This, by the way, pretty much screams for a Bizarro World Review but, then again, so will Eclipse. should I do them both? Decisions, decisions.

Big Hollywood's Darin Miller asks why Lady Gaga's new video is so, "pointlessly provocative." The answer to that is that it's not pointlessly provocative. It most certainly does have a point. The point is that Lady Gaga's fans like it when she gets weird, sexy and gross and will buy more of her songs when she makes weird, sexy and gross videos like Alejandro. By the way, videos having nothing to do with the song is as old as the music video. If Alejandro threw you for a loop, don't ever watch this as your brain will run screaming out of your head.

Taste is relative. It's possible to hate Citizen Kane while fully embracing Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man. That being said, the guy who trashed Toy Story 3 while saying this about Jonah Hex...
So, although Jonah Hex doesn’t effervesce like Neveldine & Taylor’s own avant-garde innovations, Crank and Crank: High Voltage, Hayward yet makes it pell-mell; it’s still got N&T’s anarchic spirit. That alone makes Jonah Hex the best movie to open this week—easily overshadowing Toy Story 3. a dumbass. Honestly, that Jonah Hex review is something I would have written as a joke.

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