Friday, April 24, 2009

If It's Friday, It Must Be...

...time for another collection of brief observations, something made necessary by the fact that I'm still on the road.


Once again, it has become necessary for me to point out to some brain damage case that 24 is a work of fiction and that Jack Bauer only exists on television and in the homoerotic fantasies of guys like Greg Gutfeld. And yeah, you didn't mention it by name but who did you think you were fooling when you wrote this?
Fact: if a loved one is going to be killed in 24 hours, and an agent is holding someone with knowledge that could save him - you sure as hell want that agent to have every option at his disposal. Imagine if he said, “well, the suspect didn’t tell us anything. We asked him and asked him, and he still said nothing. We did all we could do. Sorry about your dad.”
Fact: It's a sign of a diseased mind to follow the word "Fact" with fictional scenarios that don't happen outside of movies and television. Also, if you really feel this way...
So a lot of media types have been making grand pronouncements on the topic of torture - the gist being: this is America, and America doesn’t torture.

If so, then I’m not sure I want to be part of that America.
...then I'm sure there are many other countries that are aching to welcome a rightwing douchebag who depends on wingnut welfare payments from Rupert Murdoch and Andrew Breitbart to make a living. Love it or leave it, dude.


When BBC America offers its U.S. audience programs with such scintillating titles as Hotel Inspector, how the hell can we NOT watch?


Awesome, a movie where Channing Tatum plays a tank top wearing street kid trying to change his circumstances by the benefit of some unusual talent. It's been nearly six months since we've had one of those.


And finally, here's something to make your weekend a little more depressing to which I shall simply add:


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FM said...

I've always wondered how people could so completely defend the torture programs, even by very, very stupid grounds. Only in America, I guess.

On a completely unrelated subject, I'm under the impression they've rebooted the mutant ninjas who also teenaged turtles about a half-dozen times since the 90s, with each time seeing success ranging from 'serviceable' to 'middling' to 'we let Saban make a live-action version which crossed over with the Power Rangers and added a poorly conceived token female so we basically killed the franchise'.

If history is any indication, this latest movie will do decent business at the box office, be decidedly mediocre, and be completely forgotten only a few months afterward.