Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Over There

I find I have a few thoughts and observations that mainly concern England. You Americans may know England as yet another one of those countries you can't find on a map.


On behalf of my country, I apologoze for the fact that so many of us still think Benny Hill is the end all-be all of British humor.


Only four episodes of Doctor Who this year? Screw you, England! What you should have done was put out all four of those episodes in the same week then started the next series a month later. How would you like it if we only put out four episodes of Two And A Half Men this year...never mind.

Also, in the last episode, Planet of the Dead, you had Michelle Ryan on and didn't have her strip to her underwear and do a gratuitous shower scene. Oh, wait, does this make me look creepy?


It's odd how two countries, even when they share a language, can have such thoroughly different tastes. A good example is the phenomenon of Susan Boyle. In America, we think she possesses Jessica Alba levels of hotness while her voice sounds like a cat in bag being hit against a wall. However, I understand the British have a completely different opinion of her. Oh well, at least we all hate the French.


FM said...

The fun bit about Planet of the Dead is how Michelle Ryan was really the only interesting part of the episode, even ignoring the obvious reasons for her casting (that being her Eastenders role know, the other reason). And also how it was basically incredibly derivative of so many other episodes so it didn't really have anything to set it apart.

Keeping this in mind, you may enjoy this Youtube link:

Michael Clear said...

I've never seen Eastenders. I know Michelle Ryan from Jekyll and Bionic Woman and yes, the whole episode wasn't any better than your average run-of-the-mill Dr. Who episode (think of the time Agatha Christie was hunted by giant bees and you'll know what I'm talking about). I knew nothing about the episode so it was quite a surprise for the thief's mask to come off and see Michelle Ryan's face underneath. I hope the rumors are true that she will be the Doctor's new companion once the show starts up again next year.

FM said...

Unfortunately, that'll never happen. There's a certain line of competence companions are never allowed to cross no matter how competent they should be given their career/status (looking at you, miss Martha Jones), and the Lady Christina crossed that line.

Well, I suppose it's possible, given the showrunner change, but somehow I doubt it.