Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just A Few More Things

I'm very busy here in my super cool, high flying world but I can still find time to make some brief observations.


The new Star Trek movie is getting some decent reviews which is good news since it will at least help to silence the idiots who've been screaming, "YOU'VE DESTROYED MY CHILDHOOD," ever since this movie was announced. Even if this movie ends up sucking, it's existence does not affect the existence of the 40 year old television series. People can pick up the DVDs anytime they want to and watch William Shatner deliver corny dialogue in his often mocked speaking style that somehow convinced futuristic women with their beehive hairdos that they must rip their panties off and do him right there. (Wow, that sounds especially bad considering I'm a fan of Star Trek. I wonder how it's described by people who hate it.)


Most of the critics get it that Seven Pounds blows
yet since the DVD came out I've had to deal with people who tell me they liked it. As I said back in December, this is not a Wonderful Character Study or One Man's Quest To Find Redemption. Seven Pounds is about a man who was driven insane by a personal tragedy and then hatched an insane plan because that's what insane people do. There were some interesting and moving moments but, ultimately, it had the same entertainment level as a blackout (which are exciting at first then quickly get boring and frustrating).


I'm sure you are all as shocked as I am that the Pulitzer Prize committee chose to snub me and this blog. I'm wondering if it was my overuse of the word "douchebag" or the sometimes graphic descriptions of things I'd like to do to Scarlett Johannson that ultimately turned them off. Oh well, I have a whole year to convince those douchebags to change their...crap.

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