Friday, May 7, 2010

Day Five

This will be the last day of my kind-of-hiatus. Next week I'll stop posting stuff I slapped together at the last minute and again post stuff it took me 20 minutes to write.

Hell froze over, the cows came home pigs now fly and I'm actually looking forward to a Roland Emmerich movie. Sure, Emmerich could screw it up but at least it's different than his normal movie idea, that being "Mish mash of every disaster movie I've ever seen."

Big Hollywood once again gives me something unintentionally hilarious. Actually it's a combination of an unintentionally hilarious trailer for a movie from the guy who swears a Janet Reno led conspiracy got him off television and the unintentionally hilarious review of that movie. I'm not sure why but I snicker when I think of the line, "Relocated from New York, the delusional Hitler and Christ now encounter each other in the seedier environs of Vancouver."

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