Friday, May 28, 2010

Bizarro World Movie Reviews -- Sex and the City 2

What do you think of when asked what the most important moments of your life are? The majority probably think of the same things. First kiss, college graduation, wedding day, the births of our children. Those are the things that will bring a smile to our faces and, perhaps, a wistful tear to our eyes when we reach our sunset years and look back on the richness of the lives we have lived. As of today, we have a new memory to add to the fine moments that make up the glorious tapestry that is us, a new cultural touchstone that, if we are lucky, we will share with the ones we love for decades to come. We will experience this with our children and their children and we will never forget the moment that defined not only who we are but who we could dream of being.

That moment is the first time we saw Sex and the City 2.

If you've ever seen the HBO series or the first movie then you have already experienced a taste of the magic that is this movie. However, this movie is not so much a sequel or continuation of those previous stories but rather a glorious culmination and realization of a dream that started in the mind of author Candace Bushnell over a decade ago and has now come gloriously to life. I imagine director Michael Patrick King looking at blank film and seeing the movie before a single scene was shot in much the same way that Michelangelo once stared at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and saw his fresco of the creation of Man before a single brush stroke had been painted.

The four women who are not so much characters as they are members of our family to show us who they are and teach us about who we should be. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are all back and not for themselves but, rather, for us all.

I'm amazed at how the makers of this film took a moronic sitcom plot and turned it into such a delight. At first glance, the movie appears to be nothing more than middle aged women telling dick jokes. At second glance, it seems even far more stupid, vile and offensive to all that is good and holy than it did on the first glance. It is only when one considers it for a third time that the majestic vision of mankind at the heart of this film can shine through, enter our consciousness and define who we are. The scenes of the witty banter, sexual aggressiveness and conspicuous consumption combine into a big goopy mishmash of awesomeness that cannot be removed from the brain even if we wanted it to be which we certainly won't.

This story that stretches from the magical streets of an idealistic New York to the exotic sands of Abu Dhabi is not something that should be experienced by all. It is something that must be experienced by all and when it is we shall tell the children that there is still wonder and truth within that wonder that tells us that glory and beauty can be achieved by this crazy, wonderful thing that we call the human race.

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