Friday, October 29, 2010

Things I've Learned From Watching Movies Part 84

When in doubt, spit in a dog's face.

Spoilers can be put on movie posters if they're subtle enough. For instance, this movie cleverly hides how long it will take for the protagonist to free himself.

Movie stars cost a fortune but being able to put their faces on the screen is worth every penny.

Aliens aren't required to have their invasions make sense or serve any easily recognizable purpose.

Just because it's about trains and has Denzel Washington doesn't mean it's a sequel to Training Day.

Sure, it's the final chapter but not the FINAL final chapter.

No matter what she's done, Elizabeth Banks is too hot to go to jail.

Don't go see this movie about Viagra salesmen if it's over four hours long.

The story of Showgirls is timeless and should be remade again and again.

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Michael Clear said...

I had three other ideas for posts today that would have been way more work than this. I picked this because it was the greatest idea for a post in the history of anything.