Thursday, October 21, 2010

Look At My Briefs -- 10/21/10

It's a brisk Autumn day in this place where I live. It's a great day to stay indoors and warm your hands around another edition of my brief comments on various subjects I like to call Look At My Briefs.

Count me in the "mildly disappointed at the Mad Men season finale" category. Only mildly though. I wasn't the least bit surprised when I heard the editing job on it was rushed and had only been finished last Wednesday. I thought there was some metaphysical meaning I wasn't getting when Don and Megan were in California and BAM suddenly they're back in his NYC apartment. Not I see that it was just a poor job done by the producers. Still, it had enough content and surprises to make it better than just about anything else on television though I'd like to knock together the heads that thought it was a good idea for Joan to lie to Roger about the abortion. If you want a full recap and in depth analysis of Sunday's Mad Men finale, just look at every other site on the internet. That's why I don't do Mad Men recaps.

Speaking of disappointing television shows, let's talk about Glee. I didn't like Glee at first but its humor and music won me over. I thought the second season had found its legs with the Britney Spears episode until they had the wheelchair bound Artie join the football team. "There's no rule against it," Finn said. Well there god damn well should be a rule against it. If the school has no rule against a kid in a wheelchair being used as a battering ram on the football field, I'm fairly certain the city, country and state have several laws prohibiting it. That, however, paled in comparison to the lame spirituality episode in which atheist Kurt comes under passive/aggressive assault from the churchgoers determined to convert him when his father has a heart attack. Still, next week they're doing a Rocky Horror themed episode so they have me as a viewer for at least one more week.

Everyone though actress Jill Quigg did a great job as the low class criminal whose daughter had been kidnapped in Gone Baby Gone. Now we all see that she wasn't acting.

I'm glad to see Ben Affleck has announced his next project as a director because, well, he's so damn good at it. I'm not pleased to see his next project looks like a retread of Groundhog Day but two excellent films from him have earned a bit of trust from me. Not much though. Watch out Affleck or you'll end up talking about how excited you are that your next film will be the direct-t-DVD production of Paycheck 2. Oh, Ben? Do yourself a favor and don't hire any criminals for this one.

Big Hollywood hasn't rated its own post for a while now and most weeks I skip them altogether. This week, though, they've managed to catch my attention with no less than three articles. There's this review of Winter's Bone from Dan Gifford in which he sees the story's violent meth dealer villains as self sufficient Randian Tea Partiers. Then there's Brian Cherry's post in which he openly questions why the band SheDaisy doesn't currently have a record deal, goes on to an incisive and detailed answer leaving no doubt why they don't before going back to wondering how such a popular band could not have a record deal. Finally, we have Leigh Scott taking left wing critics to task for criticizing the upcoming Superman reboot even though he only cites one anonymous critic. As to what sparked the criticism, Scott dismisses any reasons given for the ones he pulls out of his ass. One of these is that liberals supposedly hate director Zach Snyder. The other is Scott's imaginary Superman script in which Superman is a brave Tea Partier who tries to warn the world against General Zod who, in Scott's mind, is modeled after Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, in the real world, there was some actual news about the Superman movie. I agree completely with Monika Bartyzel's assertion that the last thing we need is a movie about Superman's origin. When movies try to take on comic book superheroes, the first movie in the franchise is usually mediocre at best* because it focuses on the origin story. Even Batman Begins wasn't as good as The Dark Knight. I hope Snyder decides against this and, if not, I hope he doesn't insist that people talking about how the young Kal-El was sent to Earth from his dying planet Krypton label that information with a spoiler alert.

* Iron Man being the notable exception.

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