Thursday, October 14, 2010

Look At My Briefs -- 10/14/10

Halloween is fast approaching. This year I think I'll go trick or treating dressed as another edition of my brief comments on various subjects I like to call Look At My Briefs.

You may have noticed this week that the Sun shone brighter, the air smelled sweeter and that the world seemed to be filled with just a bit more love than it was last week. That can be traced directly to Warner Brothers' decision to cancel the 3D conversion of the upcoming Harry Potter film. This has nothing to do with costs, the fact that 3D is no longer the pathway to instant hitdom it was just a few months ago or that, currently, 3D is either a detriment or adds very little. No, they just felt they didn't have time to properly finish the conversion so it was either do a half assed job or cancel it. They are planning to do next year's final chapter in 3D as well plus they are currently working to convert the other Potter films for 3D Blu-Ray but, for now, we must take what we can get.

A few weeks ago I did a takedown of the new Jimmy Smits show Outlaw. I'm pleased to report that my article was so effective that Outlaw has now been canceled. I don't take all the credit. No ,much of that goes to you, Clear's Lunatic Legions, and the fact that you do anything and everything I tell you to do. Yep, all 5 of you.

People are still bending over backwards to completely misunderstand The Social Network. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has been trying to set people straight but the best explanation I've seen so far comes from Pandagon blogger Amanda Marcotte. She really understands that this is a character study and that a 100% accurate telling of the founding of Facebook or, God forbid, Facebook itself would make for interminably dull viewing.

If by "Good conservative comedy" this Big Hollywood writer means "desperately unfunny to anyone who's not a right wing nut" then yes, the Right Network is good conservative comedy. If you don't laugh when you see it then you must not have been told to laugh by your liberal teleprompter (ha ha). And yes, the first joke told in the YouTube clip the above link leads you to is an Obama teleprompter joke.

If you think that Chelsea Handler is desperately unfunny and one of the most overrated presences on television then here's some good news. There will soon be another half hour of television that you don't have to worry about watching. Chelsea is planning to model a Larry Sanders-type sitcom after herself and her show so now we'll get another half hour of jokes about fucking, black guys, asshole kids and fucking black guys who knock her up with asshole kids.

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