Monday, August 24, 2009

Things I've Learned From Watching Movies Part 74

Being a batshit insane stalker really does help you land the love of your life. Keep stalking, America.

Cause, you know, video games are evil and and their inevitable ridiculous extreme will definitely lead to the ruin of society. (This might have been a relevant message in the year 1978.)

Some demons can kill men by drawing massive amounts of blood to certain parts of their bodies, thus denying it to vital organs. Did you get that? I'm talking about boners. Megan Fox gives men boners. Funny, right?

Also from Jennifer's Body, it's perfectly plausible that Amanda Seyfried was cast as the dorky, socially awkward unattractive best friend. Yep, perfectly plausible.

Some movies can only be described as "Bruce Willisy". If you're lucky, you're able to get Bruce Willis to star in them.

Zombies are mindless, determined flesh eaters. Try not to be staggered by that original concept.

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