Friday, August 21, 2009

Brief Hollywood

Today I once again delve into my favorite unintentionally hilarious right wing website Big Hollywood for an All Big Hollywood edition of Look At My Briefs.

Greg Gutfeld criticizes Barney Frank for daring to dress down and humiliate some right wing nut who called health care reform a Nazi policy. Gutfeld knows that Democrats at these events are simply supposed meekly mumble, "Bu...but it has nothing to do with Nazis," while they get shouted down by the insane protesters.

Bill Whittle, whose IMDB profile either doesn't exist or is laughable even by Big Hollywood standards, frames Obama's historic, record setting victory as America's first African-American President against a man who was once this country's most popular politician as a huge failure.

S.T. Karnick, a man who has in the past professed his love for ratings and box office failures like The Eleventh Hour and Land of the Lost, once again shows that he is the kiss of death for any piece of entertainment unfortunate enough to garner his attention and affection. In this case, it's The Goode Family.

Victoria Jackson doesn't realize how much she sounds like a stupid sociopath, probably because she's a stupid sociopath. (Full length analysis of her nutty screed here.)

John Nolte forgives any sins against good taste the Kardashian sisters have ever committed because one of them did what billions of others have done and chose not to have an abortion. Not mentioned in his article is the fact that, if Nolte had his way, the choice wouldn't have been hers to make.

And finally, Big Hollywood shows us that Sarah Palin has moved beyond the status of mere mortal and has attained a most sacred status in which even the tamest joke is forbidden. The joke that made their diapers wet is from the new Hugh Grant/Sarah Jessica Parker comedy Did You Here About The Morgans in which the two stars play a couple on the verge of divorce who are forced to enter Witness Relocation together in a small western town. When they see the female sheriff played by Mary Steenburgen firing a gun, Sarah Jessica Parker says, "Oh my God, it's Sarah Palin." That is not an offensive joke. It is the very definition of good natured ribbing. Had the line been, "Oh dear God, it's that stupid wolf slaying bitch Sarah Palin. We must give thanks every day that this crazy woman failed in her attempt to become Vice President and destroy our country. I hope someone knocks up her 14 year old daughter," then they would have had a reason to get mad. This is the very definition of Political Correctness from people who often criticize Political Correctness and it shows why Big Hollywood cannot be taken seriously.

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