Friday, March 12, 2010

Oscar Wrapup

This, perhaps, should have shown up a little earlier in the week. It didn't so you get to enjoy it now. You're welcome.

I still think Tarantino and Inglourious Basterds should have won for both Best Director and Best Picture but I won't complain about Kathryn Bigelow and Hurt Locker taking those prizes. She did a great job with very little money or star power and made a movie that managed to convince a large enough number of Academy voters that they should ignore the well regarded science fiction epic that became the highest grossing movie ever and vote for a small budget war drama that very few people have seen. Also, now that a woman has finally won Best Director, we don't have to let one win again for another 80 years.

I had a feeling that there would be some surprises this year and man oh man was I ever wrong. Conventional wisdom ruled this year. Chrisoph Waltz won this year's Christoph Waltz Award and Pixar won the award that was created so Pixar could win an Oscar. Sandra Bullock won the award that she really shouldn't have won. Her performance was much better than the movie she was in and it's nice she was able to finally take one of those statues home but there were better performances this year. Still, now that Sandra Bullock has won this, we don't have to let her win again for another 80 years.

I loved it when Neil Patrick Harris sang the opener. I loved it less when he stopped singing and Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin came out to give their hit-and-miss comedy routine.

When Jeff Bridges won Best Actor, I was going to go on Twitter and make a joke about how he should say, "The Dude abides," in his speech but was beaten by the 80,000 other people who had the same idea. Because of this, I will now say, "The Dude abides," whenever I see Jeff Bridges doing anything (which I did yesterday in reference to his appearance in the new Tron trailer). The only exception to this policy will be if he ever stars in a Big Lebowski sequel. I know I shouldn't be taking this out on Jeff Bridges but it's easier to retaliate against him than all 80,000 people on Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, I loved this comment about "That Montana girl and that Twilight girl" from someone who has in her life had intimate knowledge of Humphrey Bogart.

When Roger Ross Williams won his award for Best Documentary Short, I honestly figured this would be a good time to heat up a pizza slice and go to the bathroom. How the hell was I supposed to know that an event people would call the Oscars' Kanye moment was about to happen? I didn't even find out about it till the next day. There's a lesson in there somewhere about life being full of surprises. Still, if the same thing happens next year where someone I've never heard of wins one of the less prestigious awards, I'll probably miss it then too so best not to ponder too much on the lesson.

Farrah Fawcett was apparently intentionally left off this year's memorial list since the producers decided she was more of a TV star than a movie star. This decision is rendered bullshit by the fact that Michael Jackson who starred in one movie his entire life was on the damn list. Oh well.

That's it till next year, kiddies. In 2011 I'm sure I'll be congratulating Megan Fox for winning the newly created Hottest Body category. Buh bye.

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