Monday, March 22, 2010

Stupid Or Boring? Why Not Both?

If you think all big budget studio films are stupid, boring, trite and inane and want that opinion reinforced, The Bounty Hunter is the movie for you.

Bounty Hunter is a bland, inoffensive and forgettable comedy from director Andy Tennant, the master of bland, inoffensive and forgettable comedies. Remember Hitch, Fool's Gold and Sweet Home Alabama? Of course you don't but they were all directed by Andy Tennant and now we have his magnum opus of dull, The Bounty Hunter.

The movie stars Jennifer Aniston as Nicole Hurley, a reporter who stumbles onto a police corruption story and jumps bail on an unrelated matter to investigate it. While writing this I tried to remember the last time Jennifer Aniston was in a movie I liked and all I could come up with was Rumor Has It, a mildly entertaining comedy about a woman who finds out her family was the real life inspiration for The Graduate. Her IMDB profile is like a graveyard where bad movies go to die. I was sadly reminded of such flops as Along Came Polly and The Break-Up, movies that did their very best not only to end Jen's career but also those of co-stars Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. Jennifer Aniston never says die though and now she's back with another lame comedy that could also sink the career of a famous male costar.

Not that Gerard Butler who plays her ex-husband Milo Boyd has huge bragging rights here. This will be the fourth bad movie he's made in the past nine months. The only saving grace is that this isn't as bad as his last attempt at romantic comedy The Ugly Truth.

I'm sure you all know the story from the ads and it will come as no surprise that the plot holds no surprises. Milo has been working as a bounty hunter for a bail bondsman since he split from Nicole and receives a pleasant and unexpected surprise when he's told to apprehend her after she skips out on her bail. Since they were married, he knows she'll be at a race track in New Jersey. We're then treated to the wonderfully comforting scene in which he picks her up, locks her in his trunk and drives off with her in full view of dozens of people that have no idea she's a fugitive and he's her bounty hunter. This must be a common site at New Jersey racetracks since no one thinks to pull out a phone and call the cops.

Anyway, hijinks happen which, predictably, causes hilarity to ensue and Milo and Nicole start forgetting why they got divorced. I mean they each literally said they couldn't remember. You'd think some of that would have stuck but no. Oh, don't worry, a Three's Company type misunderstanding occurs that keeps them from 69ing each other but it all gets resolved in the end. Oh yeah, some boring major police corruption thing is going on during all this crap too. Mix all that together and you have the perfect movie or at least that was the belief of the investors who were convinced to spend tens of millions of dollars on this garbage which elicited zero big laughs and maybe a half dozen mild chuckles throughout the entire film.

I'm sure all parties involved will redeem themselves in their next movie. Jennifer Aniston, for instance, is starring in another romantic comedy called The Switch (which I talked about on Thursday) and Andy Tennant will be directing a movie called Around The World In 80 Dates. I'm sure everyone's already laughing. As for Gerard Butler, he's disappointing everyone who loves his forays into rom-com by doing a film adaptation of Shakespeare's Coriolanus but don't worry. He's also going to star in Burns in which he plays a guy named Burns. I wonder if I can buy my ticket now.

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