Friday, December 17, 2010

Bizarro World Movie Reviews -- TRON: Legacy & How Do You Know

Life is not a series of unconnected episodes. It is something greater than the sum of its parts. One incident cannot be viewed on its own but rather should be viewed in the context of all that has taken place before it. Everything affects everything else and that's why I can wholeheartedly recommend both TRON: Legacy and How Do You Know. Individually, they are huge pieces of stupid, formulaic crap that causes your soul to die shortly after viewing them. Viewed back to back, however, they are a magical combination of two imperfect things that come together to form something that is wonderfully and dazzlingly beyond description.

If TRON: Legacy and How Do You Know could truly combine and if that combination could transform itself into an animal, it would be a unicorn whose horn created unlimited chocolate and when it farted, perfection would come out instead of gas. I'm not sure if the release of these two movies was done intentionally with full knowledge that they are two halves of a whole or if it was a grand cosmic accident not unlike the first time it occurred to someone to create fire or to spin sugar into cotton candy. Either way, I consider that to be proof of the existence of God as the endless corporate analyses, focus groups and marketing strategies that all came together and formed the decision to release these two gems on the same day could not have been a coincidence but rather the culmination of a plan that began at the Big Bang and ends today in movie theaters across the world.

TRON: Legacy is, on its face, some dumb flick that was needlessly made to cash in on a well known brand name and, as a movie, exists only as a showcase for CGI effects at the expense of anything resembling intelligent storytelling or interesting characters. How Do You Know, on the other hand, is an excuse for stars to get big checks while telling lame jokes and acting out a romantic comedy plot that has been done a million times before. It is only when the two are seen back to back that the truth emerges. TRON is the head of this beast while How Do You Know is the heart. Both of these movies together transcend such simplistic concepts as "fun" or "entertaining" to become something else. Something different. Something that tells all of humanity that they've crossed a line and can never go back. We must now go forward into a new age and fulfill a grand and magnificent destiny, a destiny both in playing games in cyberspace before going home to the apartment we share with Owen Wilson while Paul Rudd romances us.

And so, here we are. An old era ends and a new one begins. Future generations will look back on this day, the day that two little movies brought us one step further away from global chaos and one step closer to a global family. And hey, TRON is in 3D so that ought to be cool too.

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