Thursday, December 9, 2010

Look At My Briefs -- 12/9/10

Break time is over. I'M BACK, BABY. I'm back just in time for another edition of my brief comments on various subjects I like to call Look At My Briefs.

There have been three shows this Fall that I have really liked. They were Running Wilde, Terriers and The Walking Dead. Running Wilde went down last month and now Terriers has joined it. I'm convinced that FX, the cable network that showed Terriers, had no idea what they had on their hands, a fact made obvious by those stupid ads showing a terrier walking around. Oh well, at least I'm one for three.

The answer to this question posed in this headline is most definitely yes. The same situation exists for science fiction. If Inception manages to get any of the non-technical nominations, it will be because Oscar voters silently and collectively decided to pretend not to notice that it was science fiction like they did with Vanilla Sky. That's how it will be for Black Swan too. They will call it a "descent into madness" or a "psychological thriller" even though from all accounts (I haven't seen it) it's most definitely a horror film. A high class horror film to be sure, but a horror film nonetheless. Of course, I don't think that genres like horror and science fiction are bad things but many people even today, despite their widespread appeal, consider them to be the ghettos of fiction. Hence, we get psychological thrillers instead of horror films come Oscar time.

If this trend continues, look for Disney to quietly add violence and buttsex scenes when Tangled comes out on DVD.

I actually want to see this film version of Atlas Shrugged although it looks like I will be the only other one in the theater. I don't expect it to be any good but I'll be fascinated to see how they filmed a book that, as written, is unfilmable.

This is on the SighFigh Channel so I'm assuming it will suck. It looks like a takeoff on Heroes and even Heroes sucked after the first season ended. Whether it will be good like Battlestar Galactica or crushingly mediocre like everything else on that channel remains to be seen but, from what I can tell, that channel is run by people who have no idea what decent science fiction, fantasy or horror even look like.

Really? I wouldn't have even gotten past the headline had we been anywhere near April 1.

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