Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hey Glee

OK Glee, let's have a talk. You and I both know I didn't like you when you first started up but you grew on me and the way you took serious situations and managed to treat them in a humorous way while setting the whole thing to what is sometimes very good music made me a fan. The only conclusion I can draw from what's been happening with the show since season 2 began is that you are now trying to lose me as a viewer by making me hate it. Why? Is it something I said? What can I do to make things right. I'm willing to work with you, Glee, but you have to at least meet me halfway. Sure, you introduced Darren Kress's character, the kind of gay guy who, like Neil Patrick Harris, makes totally hetero guys like me say, "All right, I'll switch." (Is Darren Kress gay or is it just his character? My sexual confusion needs to know.) Also, you had that great Britney Spears episode (never thought I'd say that) but you also had that mind bogglingly stupid religion episode that made me truly start to doubt you. Basically, you have to stop doing what you did on Sunday. You have to cease your attacks on my intelligence. I submit the following examples. I warn you, these examples contain spoilers from Sunday's episode.
  • Yes, it's so nice and life affirming that they let Artie join the football team even though he doesn't have the use of his legs but am I honestly supposed to believe that there's no rule against letting someone in a wheelchair play high school football? First, that "no rule against it" thing is what you say in lame kid movies when you're trying to get a goat or a chimp on a team and it's something that, if there actually was no rule against it, there would be within minutes of someone actually trying to do it. Come on, do you people really believe it's OK to bring Artie onto the field and have Finn use him like a battering ram against the opposing team's defensive line? You could put people in the hospital like that and if there really isn't anything in the rulebook, I'd be willing to bet there would be several laws against it.
  • When there's a guy in the offensive line whose job it is to protect the quarterback and he's purposefully not doing that, someone who's supposed to be one of the best high school coaches in the state should notice something like that yet Coach Biest fails to ream him out and remove him from the lineup choosing to yell at everyone instead.
  • Also, one of the plot points was that a faction of the team that bullies the Glee club is forced to perform with them as a team building exercise so they just walk out even though the coach says they're off the team if they do that which means McKinley High will most likely have to forfeit. Really? None of those guys really wants the championship ring and NONE of them has a college scholarship and his whole future riding on what happens in that game?
  • Why did the football bullies refuse to perform? At first, they didn't until the hockey team stole their usual humiliation tactic of tossing Slushies in their faces because these tough guys are now considered Glee Club nerds. Having a bully do that or worse to a weak kid like Curt or Artie or one of the girls with the victim declining to fight back is a perfectly plausible scenario. A half dozen big, tough football players who normally don't take anyone's shit having Slushies thrown in their faces and doing nothing but complain about it is not. I was expecting a battle royal when that happened but all they did was take it then go whining to the Glee Club.
  • The episode's climactic scene is when Finn launches a half-assed plan to get the other team's quarterback to fumble the snap by yelling "BRAINS" zombie style (they had zombie makeup on from their performance of Thriller during halftime) under the theory that the other team would be so disoriented by people in zombie makeup acting like zombies that they would pretty much forget how to play and basically hand them a victory and you know what? It worked. Personally, I think the only way it would have worked is if the other team was so busy laughing their asses off that they just dropped the ball but I guess now, having seen it with my own eyes, I know better.
Those of you who actually saw it are probably wondering why I didn't mention the initial plan of letting girls join the team so they could fill out their numbers requirement. It says a lot about the episode that this particular plot point was one of the most believable and least stupid parts of the episode.

Shape up, Glee. I still like Sue Sylvester and Curt and Rachel even though she's become more of a dick than she used to be so I'll watch for a little while longer. But I won't watch forever. Oh yes, there will come a time when even I will stop believing.

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