Monday, August 25, 2008

Dollop Of Bondness

I would love to meet the person or people who managed to convince Sony Pictures that they should be allowed to name the new James Bond film Quantum Of Solace. I imagine a great deal of pressure was put upon the filmmakers to give it a title like Maximum Deathness or Hard Charge Overdrive. Quantum Of Solace sounds like it should be the name of a student film about a young man just out of college who is devastated by the death of his favorite house plant and gets over it by having a three way with his girlfriend and her best friend who may or may not be female (we never find out).

If you can convince a nervous movie studio that their big holiday release on which they have spent in excess of 100 million dollars of their company's money should be called Quantum Of Solace then there's nothing you can't do. Hell, you could bring peace to the Middle East. Congratulations and have your excuses ready if it flops since the title will then be Hollywood shorthand for poor decision making for the next century.

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