Friday, June 26, 2009

Things I've Learned From Watching Movies Part 72

It's okay to rob banks and kill people if you're charismatic and good looking.

The biggest spazz in school should definitely go after the hottest girl, especially if he can find the most inappropriate moment to do so. Seriously, she'll show you her breasts and everything.

The breeding of super intelligent gerbils capable of executing difficult covert missions would be one of the most significant scientific accomplishments in human history. Therefore, the logical thing for the government to do would be to terminate the program that created them and dump said gerbils into a pet shop.

Women are utterly stupid creatures and need the guidance of a misogynist to help them become slutty enough to catch a man. (I commented on this movie back in April.)

Just can't have too many ripoffs of Saw.

Hell, I could be a super soldier if you gave me a frigging battle suit.

Success in music can be achieved if everyone involved acts like a huge idiot.

Horror movies don't ever really need to end.

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