Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brief Proposal

I have little time to write today but I did want to say how I was intrigued I was to read some of the advance reviews for the new Sandra Bullock comedy The Proposal. Basically, they all say that it's as good as a movie that totally sucks can possibly be. If you haven't seen the trailer, the plot centers around Sandra Bullock's character, a highly placed bitch-on-wheels executive at some generic corporation and her assistant played by Ryan Reynolds. She's not a citizen and is about to be deported back to the foreign hellhole from which she came (Canada) unless she does something not-at-all suspicious like suddenly announce her engagement to her poor, put-upon assistant. They go to visit his quirky Alaskan family and if you can't figure out every moment of the movie after that then any explanation from me won't help.

Reviews like this one from Louise Keller are typical:
It's contrived and predictable, formulaic and derivative, yet The Proposal has its own charm. Star charisma is part of it, but there's an interesting dynamic between the two leads. The set up is fun, too.
The only thing that really sticks out in my memory from the trailer is when Ryan Reynolds must suddenly jump into bed with Sandra Bullock and she, a woman in her 40s, seems utterly shocked not only by his morning erection but by the very existence of erections in the first place.

Not holding out much hope.

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