Thursday, June 11, 2009

Look At My Briefs--6/10/09

Short comments on various subjects are something I, and pretty much the entire internet, do all the time. However, I never had a name for it until today. Last time, I called it "Look At My Briefs" and now you can all tell your grandkids that you were here the day I announced that I will be using this as the official title of, well, this and will be doing so long after everyone is sick of it.


Did Fox hype the fact that David Carradine was on this week's episode of their dumb doctor show Mental? You'd think they'd have promoted the ever lovin' crap out of this fact but I didn't find out until the day after when I read this. Maybe they thought it was in poor taste to exploit a man who died so recently or maybe they're just certifiably brain damaged idiots who don't think of things like letting people know that a beloved actor who recently died will be on their network and that it would make Carradine shed a tear in the afterlife if they didn't watch it. Or maybe they did and I just missed it. I'm guessing a mix of all three.


Here's some good news. Plans to make a new Alien movie may have hit a snag since the studio wants Ridley Scott, director of the first film, to direct this one too. Scott, on the other hand, wants an unknown director of German commercials to pick up the reins. Scott feels that Carl Erik Rinsch, a name you may recognize as the villain in every single ripoff of Die Hard, is fully qualified to step in and be in charge of a project of this magnitude because A) his commercials are known for their avant-garde visual style and B) Rinsch is supposedly dating Scott's daughter. With credentials like that, you can understand why Alien fans are justified in their skepticism for this new project and would love to see it die.


I love Doctor Who. It's certainly the best science fiction show ever made. Even back in the 70s when the effects and costumes were somewhat cheesy, Doctor Who stood above the likes of Star Trek. For the last five years, new episodes of Doctor Who are the one thing on television I don't miss. With all that said, if, for any reason, I ask my family to do for me what this guy's family did for him, I really hope they ignore me.


Dear Internet,

When referencing Rob Cohen's new movie Medieval, please note that President Obama just this morning signed into law a bill that forbids anyone to use the phrase "ROB COHEN GETS MEDIEVAL ON YOUR ASS" when discussing it. Seriously, this is the third time today I've seen this and it's already old.

Sincerely Yours,
Mike Clear

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