Thursday, November 19, 2009

Look At My Briefs -- 11/19/09

Time for another collection of brief comments on various subjects I like to call Look At My Briefs.

I'm a big fan of author Warren Ellis so I'm pleased to that his Global Frequency is getting another shot at becoming a television series. I've seen parts of a pilot that was made in 2005 but failed to get picked up by a network. I consoled myself that now, at least, they wouldn't get the chance to screw it up. Now, it looks like it will get made and they'll finally get their shot at screwing it up. Yay?

Johnny Depp is the Sexiest Man Alive, eh? Once again, I have been ignored even though I have been assured on numerous occasions by my mommy that I am the handsomest boy in the world.. It's almost as if People's annual award was some sort of meaningless popularity contest.

A samurai movie with Keanu Reeves? Well, Tom Cruise managed to pull it off. Then again, he's Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves is in a category of actor commonly called "Not Tom Cruise."

I keep meaning to review V but haven't gotten around to it. Snap review: nothing special. If it got continues for years, I won't care (unless it improves). If it gets canceled tomorrow, ditto. I've also meant to comment on attempts by right wing thinkers to take a show about lizard people and turn it into some sort of searing allegorical indictment of the Obama administration. This article that showed up on, of all places, Big Hollywood should put an end to that. Should, but certainly won't. If it does get canceled, look forward to the theories that it had nothing to do with low ratings.

Isn't it time to put Jay Leno out of his misery? I could have told them that five primetime hours of a fairly dull talk show was a bad idea but no one listened to me. From what they say, Leno was given this because it's considerably cheaper to do his show than to produce 5 new, different shows. In fact, a lot of Hollywood people hate this whole situation because hundreds of people lost their jobs so Leno's show could go on. I don't know how low Leno's ratings have to go before they pull the plug but, if he were anyone else, he'd have been canceled around week 3.

Tomorrow is New Moon day so everyone remember not to look directly at sparkling vampires as you may go blind.

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