Thursday, November 5, 2009

Look At My Briefs -- 11/5/09

It's the first Thursday of November, an entirely non-momentous event that calls for another edition of brief comments on various subjects I like to call Look At My Briefs.

I normally would never condone people stabbing themselves but in this case it's not only understandable but it makes you wonder why more Blockbuster employees don't do it. Let's hope he didn't get the knife from Blockbuster or they'll charge him a late fee.

I didn't expect an Oscars ceremony hosted by Hugh Jackman to be the least bit entertaining only to be proven wrong. On the other hand, I think having Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin host next year's Oscars will be 10,000 pounds of awesome which probably means it'll suck on 10th-circle-of-hell levels.

It's a shame Whedon isn't serious about this as this certainly would be 10,000 pounds of awesome. (Think I'll make that my new catchphrase. It would replace, "Pour the lemonade, Admiral.")

This week's fantasy: New Moon turns out to be one of the greatest movies ever made, a fact that drives away hardcore Twilight fans and makes it one of the biggest money losers in history.

Summing up Big Hollywood: The Onion joking that they want Glenn Beck to die is the worst thing ever done in human history. Why, if Glenn Beck was to die, he would no longer be able to do awesome bits like fantasizing about putting poison into Nancy Pelosi's wine.

Speaking of right wing jerks trying to censor content, how much you want to bet that people who've never before considered watching Gossip Girl will now tune in because the PTC raised a huge stink about a threesome storyline on the next episode? Hell, I might watch it. You know, for research purposes. And for wanking material.


Michael Clear said...

I've always said I would watch an episode of Gossip Girl if I knew in advance it had a graphic sex scene between Blake Lively and that cute brown haired girl whose name sounds like a type of Dutch cheese. Looks like that statement might actually be put to the test.

Dan Coyle said...

I've noticed that recently, Gossip Girl has taken to framing every shot with Lively, who's taller than most of her co-stars even without heels, in shots so her breasts take up a good chunk of the screen.

I love it how they have these "big Hollywood" editorial posts when it's so damn obvious that overgrown child Nolte wrote them. The language is completely like some of the more petty rants he'd spew on the Dirty Harry blog. Though he certainly whipped out the rattle today for his response to Patrick Goldstein.

And Charles Winecoff: FUCK YOU FOR MAKING ME AGREE WITH ANDREW SULLIVAN. Now if there's anything worse than Hitler, it's that.

Michael Clear said...

Oh God, I hope this doesn't turn into a Gossip Girl blog. That's what would be worse than Hitler.