Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm All a-Twitter

This has been another one of those busy weekends where I have no time to do even a half assed review or some lame comment on a right wing movie site. Rather than post nothing, I thought I'd give you all a real treat that you'll be able to tell your grandkids about and share some of the stuff I post on Twitter. Behold my awesome cut-and-paste skills.

Who cares if LeBron's going to Miami? I spent a week in Miami last year and no one gave a damn.

Two of the stars of "Predator" ran became Governors. With the release of "Predators", I vow to move to any state that elects Danny Trejo.

I'm trying to remember a book but I don't know the name and I don't know who wrote it/ It's about a guy named Doug, I think.

Thinking of sending my mom to a home that the local news often refers to as "The Snake Pit." No actual snakes there so I think it's cool.

Regal Cinemas says I can buy advance tickets to "Sorceror's Apprentice" with Nicolas Cage and Jay Baruchel. PHEW! What a relief.

About to see Predators though I'm upset that it wasn't given a dark, depressing 3D conversion.

Predators delayed a few minutes due to technical difficulties. Hoping I don't look back at this as the movie's highlight.

Phil Collins thinks gum is a vegetable. #philcollinsfacts

I'll root for whichever team has the most hot chicks promising to get naked if their side wins. #worldcup

Everyone in Holland: "Damn that fucking octopus." #worldcup

Don't feel bad, Holland. Let's go out and get your mind off the loss to Spain. We'll have paella and see a Pedro Almodovar movie.

And...that oughtta do it. Feel free to follow me on Twitter if you liked any of this. I'll be back with something a bit more substantive tomorrow.

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