Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Carol Watch

I'm putting together a bookcase today so don't have time to write the review of Eagle Eye I'd planned for today so instead here's a quick rundown on what critics are saying about An American Carol:

So far, they're saying jack and squat.
In what I'm sure was an act of negligence, the producers of An American Carol have yet to do advance critic screenings, hence the "N/A" rating on the Tomatometer. This couldn't possibly be because the reason producers always have for not doing advance screenings, that being they think they have a huge pile of crap on their hands. After all, this was made by a guy who made a couple of funny movies two decades ago. That means he's been saving up his creative wad for 20 years so he could blow it on the movie audience of 2008. The only advance screenings done so far have been for right wing bloggers like Ed Morrissey who said this:
When looking at a rough cut, one has to take into consideration the fact that the finished product may look significantly different. From what I saw, the timing will need to get tightened, and some dialogue spaced out better in order to keep laughter from stepping on punch lines. With that said, the movie seemed to go over well enough with the audience, but significant laugh gaps remain, even with an audience as sympathetic as yesterday’s.

Oh well, I'm sure loads of laughs have been squeezed into the movie since that rough cut and the movie will be chock full of comedy goodness by this Friday.

Thank goodness the country will have Beverly Hill Chihuahua to fall back on in the unlikely event that An American Carol stinks.

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