Friday, September 5, 2008

Strange Days

Two things about this site have amazed me since I started it. First, the hit count actually goes up when I take a few days off like I did for the Labor Day weekend or like yesterday when I was busy and didn't post anything. Theoretically, if I took a few months off my hit count would rival Google's. I figure the reason is regular readers coming to the site multiple times looking for something new. One solution to this is subscribing to the site's RSS feed with something like Google Reader. That way, when something new gets posted your reader grabs it and brings it to you. Other than that, your only option is to find a way to enjoy the heaping portion of nothingness you receive on my days off. Give it a shot. You can then brag to your friends about how existential you are.

The second thing, and this one I can't quite figure out, is why so many of the regular readers are Canadian. I've loved Canada every time I've been there. I'm hoping I get gravely ill on my next visit so I can take advantage of your health care system. It's nice being an international sensation but I still can't figure it out. Anyway, thanks for reading, Canada. I admire your grasp of English since this blog is not written in your native language of Canadese.

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