Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Things I've Learned From Watching Movies Part 40

I've learned that every other movie star was too busy to star in Eagle Eye so they had to cast Shia LaBeouf. Come on, Hollywood, Shia LaBeouf? Really? What is it? Does he have pictures of every top studio executive getting blown by a goat? Does he have some sort of mutant mind control power? Can he hack into your computers and replace phrases like "Let's cast Will Smith" with "Let's cast Shia LaBeouf"? Oh well, this can't last too much longer. In a few years he'll be talking about how excited he is to be starring in a straight-to-DVD comedy called Bra College and from there we get the inevitable VH1 special about his downfall where he gets hooked on badger laxatives and punches the Pope in the face because he thought the Pontiff's pointy hat was looking at him funny.

You'll be seeing something similar to this next summer when Transformers 2 comes out. Till then, have fun at the movies. Except for Eagle Eye, of course. You'll most likely cry during that.

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