Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lakeview Terrace

So, what's the point of Lakeview Terrace? It seems to be, "Don't trust the black guy living next door to you even if he's a cop," although more likely the point is, "We had some extra money in our movie making budget so we picked a script at random and hired Samuel L. Jackson to star in it so at least a few people would actually go see it." That doesn't make much sense but, then again, neither does Lakeview Terrace.

Allow me to blow the ending of this even though I have neither seen the movie nor read an advance copy of the script. The interracial couple who moves next door to Jackson's character and end up being persecuted by him maneuver Jackson into exposing himself for what he is, thus jeopardizing his job as a cop as well as his entire lifestyle. This causes Jackson to get one or both of them into some shadowy, menacing location where he yells things like, "You have to understand, I was just trying to protect my neighborhood." Don't know the details after that. Jackson may die some fitting, gruesome death or just be arrested in disgrace but that doesn't really matter. What matters is that he will be defeated and life will be made safe for interracial couples everywhere, or at least for the young, attractive ones.

I'm going to see Lakeview Terrace though, maybe more than once. Why? Because I firmly believe that we, as a society and as a nation, have an obligation to go see all of Sam Jackson's movies so he doesn't start taking drugs again. If you don't go see this and you read that Jackson was found in some cheap motel room surrounded by hookers and blow, it'll be your fault.

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