Sunday, November 9, 2008

Soul Survivors

I see that the new Bernie Mac/Samuel L. Jackson movie Soul Men debuted at #6 for the week. That's too bad since I've always liked Sam Jackson and you at least have to give a sympathy nod to the late Bernie Mac*. I would like to give some advice to the movie's makers up to and including MGM. I realize that I'm not some fancy schmancy college edicated high falootin's movie executive type like you all are, but here in the Real America we do know one thing: if you're making a movie whose characters are supposed to be legendary singers, it would help if you would hire actors WHO CAN ACTUALLY SING. Why do you suppose you've never heard the words "Classic album from Samuel L. Jackson" or "And now here's that famous top ten hit from Bernie Mac"? One thing that really focuses the mind on their lack of singing talent is when you hear them performing with professional singer John Legend. Legend sounds great. You can believe that Legend is a guy who's been famous for decades. When Mac and Jackson sing, they sound like the guys who down three scotches at a wedding reception and think it's a good idea to get up on stage with the band and sing songs they liked in college.

Oh well, off to see Role Models. That's the movie where Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott play energy drink salesmen. Something tells me that they will be bad at their jobs, thus making that the running theme for movies this weekend.

*He was actually one of the voice actors in this week's #1 Madagascar 2 so perhaps the nation said, "Screw it, we did our part," when presented with the prospect of properly memorializing Bernie Mac by seeing one of his last movies.

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