Friday, November 7, 2008

Today's Random Thoughts

I've said before that I place High School Musical 3 in the "Mostly Harmless" category and I shall be forever grateful to it for knocking Beverly Hills Chihuahua out of the #1 spot and, more importantly, for keeping Saw V from ever reaching that spot do I put this...FOR THE LOVE OF SWEET JUMPIN' JEHOVAH, WILL YOU PEOPLE PLEASE GO SEE SOMETHING ELSE THIS WEEKEND?! Yeah, I know, we would all love to be in a school where everyone is awesome looking, the biggest problem you have is that a gorgeous girl is trying to steal you away from your gorgeous girlfriend and dancing in the halls not only fails to cause people to yell, "HOMO," but is actually considered to be the norm but this is just getting embarrassing. Role Models is getting some decent reviews so go see that.

Speaking of Role Models, I assumed that this was going to suck in the way that only really unfunny comedies can suck but it actually may be good. Who would have thought that teaming Sean William Scott (whose characters are always huge jerks) with Paul Rudd (whose characters are always huge man-ginas) would actually work out?

It looks like the teen vampire movie Twilight is going to be a huge hit. In light of that, I'd like to do what conservative commentators Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan did on MSNBC's election night coverage, that being to disavow the bad things I've said about a perceived winner and act like I've actually been on board with that winner the whole time. GO TWILIGHT! WOO! TWILIGHT'S NUMBER ONE!

Variety says that Deliverance/Excalibur director John Boorman plans to remake The Wizard Of Oz. Unlike the people who think that the 1939 movie is some sacred object akin to the Ark of the Covenant and will both figuratively and, I'm sure in a few cases, literally crap their pants at this idea, I'm very cool with it. If you've ever read the book, you know that it's a very different from the movie. The tone is darker and grittier and, if Boorman manages to successfully translate that in his remake, we'll get to see a pretty good movie as well as the inevitable hysterical parents who will implore us to please please think of the children whose precious bodily fluids will be contaminated by an accurate film version.

And...I'M OUT! See ya.

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