Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Getting A Happy Ending From Tom Cruise

One of the problems with seeing a lot of movies is developing the ability to know what's going to happen before you even see them. Take, for instance, Tom Cruise's WWII pic Valkyrie coming out this week. You know how it's going to end just from the advertising. I understand it's based on story about high ranking members of the Nazi Germany who tried to assassinate Hitler but I didn't pay attention in History class and don't need to know the true events anyway. It's a big Hollywood Christmas season release featuring a major star. Movies like this always have happy endings so you know that they will succeed in killing Hitler and Cruise will take over Germany, end World War II and celebrate by having hot sex with some shapely Nazi woman with whom he will have been flirting the entire film. Really, movie studios don't even try anymore.

This is the same reason I never saw JFK. I just assumed the President Kennedy would live to be elected to a second term and didn't see the point of going. Honestly, it's like movie studios think that I'm some sort of know-nothing idiot.

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