Thursday, December 4, 2008

No One Could Have Predicted...

Wow, NBC is canceling Knight Rider, news that probably caused most people to say, "Knight Rider was still on?" I watched the first half hour of the premiere episode back in May and that was enough for me. From the commercials I see they turned KITT into a Transformer too. I wonder if the producers are right now trying to convince NBC to change their minds by saying, "We made him a Transformer but that was only the beginning. We have a plan to make that damn car into a vampire who romances a teenage girl. You can't ask for more than that."

And you know what? As bad as Knight Rider was, it could have been worse. That's true for television, movies and life in general. It can always be worse. Don't believe me?

Sorry to have taken from you one minute of your life that you can never get back, but I felt this point needed to be made: IT CAN ALWAYS BE WORSE! Never forget that.

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