Friday, February 12, 2010

Bizarro World Movie Reviews -- Valentine's Day

In the history of film, there have been projects so special that many of the greatest actors of their era have put aside their egos just so they could say that they were at least a small part of something great. These pieces of cinematic history are familiar to us all. Names like Grand Hotel, Judgment at Nuremberg, Nashville and The Magnificent Seven all stand not only as films with great ensemble casts but as pieces of cinematic history. Now those great examples of cinematic excellence have a worthy addition called Valentine's Day.

The cast is a Who's Who of this generation's greatest acting talents. When you hear names like Jessica Alba and Eric Dane, your mind is immediately transported to the uncountable number of excellent films they have made and the joy you felt watching them and you know that anything other than a quality film from them is impossible. Together, they and the rest of the cast create a film that feels less like a fiction you are watching on the big screen and more like a song that is sung by your heart and soul.

Many of the movie's scenes are already cultural touchstones and those are just the ones shown in the trailer. The world has already been entranced by the funny and heartbreaking scene of Jessica Biel talking about how she has to masturbate using her Blackberry. If you are not touched by the modern day tragedy of that scene, I would have to say you have no soul. If you can watch Topher Grace saying he believes that Valentine's Day always comes on a Thursday like Thanksgiving without shedding a tear over the plight of this poor mentally challenged individual trying to find love in this crazy world of ours, you are a stronger person than I.

Valentine's Day has lessons for us all that could lead our society to a romantic awakening, an awareness of both our potential for love and how that potential can be tapped by a desperate world. That's why so many of our greatest actors joined with the director of Georgia Rule to make this modern day masterpiece. It is a call for humanity to start its next great age and it will not take NO for an answer. Valentine's Day's ultimate message is that this next great age can start now. Is the human race ready to receive and act on that message? Ashton Kutcher, Bradley Cooper and Taylor Swift all think we are. It is now our responsibility to bring their dream to life. Come on world, let's not betray their faith in us. The future starts now.

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Michael Clear said...

Yes, I know people like Julia Roberts and Jamie Foxx are in this but my "Jessica Alba/Eric Dane" joke wouldn't have worked had I added their names. So there.