Thursday, April 22, 2010

Look At My Briefs -- 4/22/10

What with an Icelandic volcano releasing a massive cloud of death that will envelope the planet and exterminate the human race (you haven't heard that yet because your government is covering it up), I figured I would take this opportunity to give you all what may very well be the last edition of my brief comments on various subjects I like to call Look At My Briefs.

There are dozens of Oz books that have never been made into movies so why would filmmakers think it is a good idea to show the Wizard's origin story is beyond me. My theory is that the people behind this film, be they creative types or studio executives, have no idea that L. Frank Baum wrote several books set in Oz or, for that matter, have no idea who L. Frank Baum is.

My local Regal Cinemas Multiplex has finally gotten some 3D projectors so I can join the rest of the internet in saying, "Man, the 3D in that new movie sucked."

Lots of people freaked out over the amount of violence that Kick-Ass actress Chloe Moretz was featured in. The best way to quiet critics of her portrayal in Kick-Ass would be to show them her next movie, an American remake of the bloody Swedish vampire movie Let The Right One In. If it's a faithful remake, Kick-Ass will look like a Disney film in comparison and people who see it will be demand that Hollywood go back to making family friendly movies like Kick-Ass.

Jennifer Lopez' new movie The Back-up Plan comes out tomorrow. Jennifer plays a woman who gets pregnant through artificial insemination only to meet the guy of her dreams right after that happens. It's getting predictably bad reviews which, for me, raises a question: is it stupid and unfunny or offensive and misogynistic? I say: why can't it be both?

Speaking of unfunny and misogynistic, I haven't commented on the conservative movie site Big Hollywood for a while. What caught my eye was this diddy from Leigh Scott claiming that Kick-Ass is a libertarian film. Well, let's examine that claim. Kick-Ass is an unrealistic fantasy that mostly appeals to immature minds about situations that at first seems plausible and realistic but quickly degenerates into an impossible scenario that can only be embraced by they who totally ignore reality. Not quite sure how that corresponds to libertarianism but if Leigh Scott says it does then it's good enough for me.

I must admit that Glee, a show I didn't particularly like when it first came on, has improved. I still don't fill my pants with glee (if you know what I mean) over the idea of watching it but I do watch it. The main reason for watching it is still Jane Lynch's psychopathic cheer coach Sue Sylvester. People think I'm exaggerating when I call her a psychopath but I'm totally serious. She's free of conscience and feels there is no limit to what should be done when trying to achieve a goal. She's taken what should have been a friendly rivalry between her cheer squad and the glee club and elevated it to an epic struggle upon which the fate of the future rides. These are things a psychopath does. I don't mean she's going to turn into Dexter or anything. She's smart enough to know she'd probably get caught. One more thing about Glee: how is it that a glee club that's constantly being threatened with having its funding pulled manages to come up with the thousands of dollars that this video must have cost?


Dan Coyle said...

The best part is how he says he'd never enforce his will on others... after admitting he ordered his entire production staff to go see <Kick-Ass.

I googled Scott the other day and discovered that prior to his current gig, he directed "Mockbusters", those movies from Asylum entertainment that were blatant knockoffs of curent blockbusters, like Snakes on a Train and Transmorphers.

Michael Clear said...

Can't hold the ripoffs against him. If I made the money he probably made doing those, I'd have done those movies too.