Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flashing Backward

Not much time to write today but I will comment on this preview of the new ABC series Flash Forward playing right now on Hulu. (Don't think anyone outside the U.S. can see it. Serves you right for not being born here in God's Favorite Country.) It's not bad and I don't think you can really judge it based on only a 15 minute clip but my default position is that it's going to suck. Why? One of the show's creators is Brannon Braga.

For you non-Star Trek fans, Brannon Braga is the author of some of that show's worst episodes including one that even he is supposedly embarrassed by. That would be the Voyager episode "Threshold" in which Tom Paris flew his ship at warp ten. This somehow turned him into a lizard. He then kidnapped Captain Janeway, turned her into a lizard and engaged in lizard sex with her. Seriously, look up the episode's Wikipedia entry if you don't believe me. They even had three lizard kids who were never mentioned again. Add to this the fact that he and his pal Rick Berman nearly destroyed the Star Trek franchise with the boring show Enterprise, that he went on to create another mediocre science fiction show (also called Threshold) and that season 7 of 24 on which he worked was a disjointed mess and you can see why I'm not looking forward to Flash Forward.

Hey, I just said I'm not looking forward to Flash Forward. HA! Everyone feel free to use that.

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