Thursday, September 17, 2009

Look At My Briefs -- 9/17/09

If it's Thursday, it's time once again for brief comments on various subjects called Look At My Briefs.

I like the MTV Movies Blog and I thank God they had the good judgment to make sure that this culturally important photo didn't simply fade into obscurity.

A movie adaptation of Battleship. Huh. This doesn't even have some lame video game plot on which to base a movie which, now that I think about it, is probably a good thing. Video game movies are, with the exception of Saw sequels and ripoffs, the worst things currently being put on celluloid.

Talking up a sequel to their recent hit Star Trek movie, J.J. Abrams and Roberto Orci say they want to try their hands at a story dealing with relevant issues cloaked in Roddenberry-style allegory. This is a path that can lead to both glory and madness. The madness can come in the form of a heavy handed plot filled with preachy monologues that can get you spoofed by The Onion. The best Star Trek films haven't gone the preachy/allegory route whereas one of the worst Star Trek films was when Picard and crew disobeyed Starfleet orders in order to keep some space hippies from getting kicked off their planet so the Federation could steal their life-enhancing atmosphere. I'm sure Abrams and Orci will see this and completely adjust their thinking and perhaps their very world view.

Why is this news? Isn't every third movie a "Romero-less zombie movie" already? Craploads of zombie movies have come out since the 1968 premiere of Romero's first film and they all follow his rules. Eat flesh, shoot them in the head, don't over cook your quiche lest it get rubbery etc.

To the people who think Red Dawn was Patrick Swayze's best movie: You're idiots. Not so much for your taste in movies but because you think Red Dawn is a documentary and that you could have been one of the Wolverines. You know who you are.

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Dan Coyle said...

The irony of the wingnut jerking off about Red Dawn is that, as ludicrous as it is, it's pretty honest, or as honest as it can be, about the effects of war on those kids. "How is this any different?" "Because WE LIVE HERE!"

Of course, that's disregarding why a Soviet/Cuban strike force would spend so much manpower taking a small Colorado suburb to begin with...

...or why an immediate nuclear exchange hadn't followed such a blatant attack...