Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mission Statement

It has been pointed out to me that this site is poorly designed. I actually already knew this but, since this is a low traffic hobby blog, I haven't really been able to bring myself to take the time to do so. The downside of this is that new readers don't really know what the hell is going on here. Hence ergo ipso facto, I shall now tell them.

This is a show biz themed blog centered mainly around movies and, to a lesser extent, television. I've actually been considering making some changes to that theme but, for now, that's what it is. I do movie and television reviews as well commentary and analysis of movie and TV news. My style is very irreverent and I add a lot of humor even when discussing serious subjects. The point of all this is to someday achieve world domination. See? That's some of the humor I was talking about. One of my favorite regular features is Movies I Haven't Seen in which I judge movies solely by their trailers, often months before they come out. I'm pleased to say that success rate of this series is 100%.

I try to stay away from politics here. Except when I don't. When I get political I REALLY get political though it's usually a reaction to what someone else said and that almost always consists of a right winger substituting his or her ideology for reality. The most recent example of this is this woman who said torture works and tried to use the torture scenes from Inglourious Basterds as evidence to back up that statement. Yes, she used a work of fiction and nothing else to prove that torture works. People who can't tell fantasy from reality disturb me on many levels and that's why I sometimes delve into politics. Other examples of this are the posts I've written about conservative movie site Big Hollywood.

So, now you know what's going on. Tomorrow I'll permalink this somewhere on the right hand side and I'll then never have to redesign this site so it doesn't look like crap. It's a win for me.

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