Sunday, August 15, 2010

How Hollywood Thinks

Hey all. You may have heard that Veronica Mars actress Kristen Bell's new movie You Again is about to be released in theaters. Kristen plays a woman in her late 20s whose brother is about to marry the former cheerleader who made her life hell in high school because she was socially awkward and unattractive. The problem with Kristen Bell playing an unattractive girl is that she looks like this:

Thankfully, You Again has some true creative visionaries lovingly guiding it from the printed page to the big screen and they have cleverly figured out an ingenious method of making the smoking hot Kristen Bell look unattractive.

Problem solved. I apologize to anyone who became physically ill at the sight of Kristen Bell with glasses and a slightly different hairdo, qualities that render her beast-like and unfit for the company of humans. You Kristen Bell fans need not worry though. Later in the movie, the glasses come off, the hair goes back to normal and she becomes doable again.

And that's how Hollywood thinks.


Michael Clear said...

Enjoy the rare Sunday post. And don't get used to it.

Dan Coyle said...

Bell doesn't do "socially awkward." Even on Veronica Mars. I always imagined her best as a sociopathic hitwoman.