Thursday, August 12, 2010

Look At My Briefs -- 8/12/10

Yes, it's that time of the week again. Thursday used to be known as the day that sucked because it wasn't Friday. Now pretty much the entire globe shuts down so they can all read another edition of my brief comments on various subjects I like to call Look At My Briefs.

Am I the only one out there who isn't particularly excited over the release of The Expendables? I like the fact that it relies on real people doing real things and not how well humans can interact with animation but, other than that, it's written by the same guy who thought it was a good idea to play a guy who thought the best way to win his son's love was to enter an arm wrestling contest.

Saddest thing about this article is that Mel Gibson is no longer considered to be a good choice to play Mad Max despite the fact that playing a madman is now no effort at all for Gibson.

Haven't gotten no definitive answer of this question since I asked it on Twitter so I'll ask it here. We viewers are three years into True Blood but how much time has passed in the show. I think it's only been somewhere in the neighborhood of a month. I'm just wondering how long it took Sookie Stackhouse to go from being a timid virgin waitress to engaging in mutual choking during sex with Bill.

As of this writing, The Other Guys has spawned six bitchy Big Hollywood articles complaining about its politics. Now, people who have seen the movie and aren't hardcore right wingers weren't aware it had politics. One of the villains does use his hedge fund to run a Ponzi scheme and another ends up getting bailout funds instead of going to prison. Big Hollywood thinks this makes the film a fiery left wing screed and thus, to them, The Other Guys is now a front in the culture war. Still, their efforts did have an effect. The Other Guys opened at #1. If Big Hollywood hadn't managed to successfully blunt its box office take, it would have opened at #0.

Speaking of entertainment criticism being clouded by right wing ideology, here's a critique of the CW's revival of the USA show Nikita. The writer, Jason Apuzzo, compliments the old show for its terrorist fighting storylines while criticizing the new show for making the intelligence agency itself the villain. Those of you who remember the series and the Luc Besson movie it was based on may have already seen the fatal flaw in this argument. The villain in every version of the Nikita story was always the intelligence agency that recruited her. Both the movie and the first television show had Nikita spending most of her time trying to outwit and fight against her vicious, evil employers who would have killed her had they discovered her efforts or even if she tried to quit. I can only assume that the writer never saw the original series or that he thought no one else remembered it thus freeing him to say whatever the hell he wanted to.

Honestly Blockbuster, your attempts to once again become the biggest hitter in the movie rental park are just adorable. Maybe you could try using the VHS format instead of Beta next. I hate Blockbuster for a variety of reasons and have been very happy watching the rise of Netflix and Redbox.

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