Thursday, August 26, 2010

Look At My Briefs -- 8/26/10

I'll have you know I interrupted a Parisian sex tour to come back and write you all another edition of my brief comments on various subjects I like to call Look At My Briefs. You're welcome.

I'll admit the trailer for the new television series The Walking Dead looks good despite being derivative of 28 Days Later and, well, every other damn zombie movie ever made. Still, I thought the trailer for AMC's other new show Rubicon looked good and that show ended up putting me to sleep.'s comments section claims the graphic novel the series is based on was excellent and, if they hold to the graphic novel's spirit, the series will be excellent. Since the odds are that the spirit of the graphic novel was the first thing thrown out when the series was being story conferenced, we're doomed.

This article about critics acting like they were too cool to enjoy Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is right on the money. Film critics who criticize the audience are usually mouth breathing ray-tards themsevles who only get off by belittling others to make themselves feel cool. If you'll hold on a minute, I must now look over past reviews to see if I've ever done and if I did, in fact, get off. I may have. I notice in my review of Vampires Suck I mentioned that really young people were the only ones who seemed to enjoy the film but that wasn't a criticism and, I think, this makes me awesome. Way better than those douche slaves in the NPR article anyway.

I've said before and I'll probably say again that I really admire the job James Cameron did on Avatar. Derivative plot aside, this MTV interview shows that he and his fellow filmmakers put a great deal of thought into not just the action sequences but even the tiny plot details like whether or not the passengers and crew on Jake Sully's ship age at the same rate. Science fiction set in the future or on alien worlds or, in this case, both, is difficult to do because you have to basically construct planets and the societies that live on them from scratch. Most filmmakers don't take the time to do that. Cameron did.

Lindsay Lohan was released from rehab because the doctors said she wasn't an addict. To prove it she said, "Watch, I'm going to do three bowls full of cocaine and then never do it again."

Yesterday morning, The Last Exorcism's Tomatometer rating was 90%. As of this writing, it's at 75%. At this rate, it will somehow be in negative numbers by Friday's release date. If it follows the path of Vampires Suck, it will then become a huge hit.

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