Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In Lieu Of Actual Content

Had loads of stuff to do today but I do have just enough time right now to throw together something resembling a post so I thought I'd comment on a couple of YouTube videos.

This fan-made trailer has a lot of people talking. Whenever I see the words "fan-made trailer" I think of this piece of crap that made the rounds before the actual Spider-Man 3 came out. This, however, is very cool and really makes me want to see a Green Lantern movie starring Nathan Fillion be made.

If you'd told me ahead of time I'd enjoy cobbled together bits of Firefly, Matrix, Star Trek and Green Lantern cartoons as well as several other things, I'd have assumed you were off your medication. The video's creator, Jaron Pitts, should be very proud of himself.

I may do a full write up on the new Fox show Glee later in the week. For now, I'll say that the only thing I really liked about it is actress Lea Michelle who is the lead female singer in this clip. She makes an annoying, full-of-herself character very likable and, as this song shows, she's also stands out in a cast of very good singers. Do yourself a favor and turn off the annotations.

And, to leave you with a laugh, there's this. I think I've shown this German pop song before but it's worth seeing again.

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