Monday, July 13, 2009


I don't really know how to review Brüno. Writing this review has taken me longer than it should have since I really don't want to spoil anything. The less you know about what it coming, the funnier it will be. The best way to sum up the movie is to say that, if you liked Borat, you'll like Brüno. On the other hand, if you thought Borat was something so thoroughly horrific that Hell tried to swallow it, choked and vomited it back up, you should at least wait for Brüno to come out on DVD.

Brüno uses real people in Candid Camera-style encounters with Sasha Baron Cohen's character, a gay Austrian fashion reporter named...damn, what was that'll come to me. Anyway, what's-his-name is supposedly one of the fashion world's top personalities who declares what is "In" and what is "Aus". He has it all: fame, money and a personal assistant named Diesel who is also his comically athletic boyfriend (I couldn't possibly do justice to a description of that, you'll have to see it). Unfortunately, Brüno (oh yeah, that was his name) makes a public fool out of himself at a fashion show and ends up on the "Aus" list. Actually, I think it's more likely that the fashion world got wind of what Cohen and crew were up to and put the word out which is probably why the plot shifted away from fashion shows and interviews with fashion personalities and onto people like hunters, pastors and even former Presidential candidate Ron Paul. In other words, people who didn't know who the hell Brüno really was.

After losing his status, Brüno and his other assistant, Lutz (Gustaf Hammarsten), a man he didn't even notice until Diesel abandoned him for someone more hip, go to America to rebuild Brüno's career. This involves making a horrible television show which actually has a scene where you see a man's penis swing around, stand up and say, "Brüno." The humor from this comes when they have an unsuspecting focus group watch and grade the show. Another funny sequence is when Brüno decides to stop being gay and consults with one of those religious "Pray out the Gay" conversion groups.

As Borat did before, Brüno pretty much defines the word gross. If you don't like gross humor, you won't like this humor because it's gross. There's the aforementioned talking penis, a scene where Brüno graphically gives oral sex to a ghost and the part where Brüno and Lutz wake up chained together in various types of S&M gear, particularly the used toilet brush inserted into Lutz's gag. Some scenes are painful to watch too, like the part where Brüno goes on a hunting trip and hits on one of the hunters, a man who has no idea this is an actor and that he's in no danger of becoming Brüno's bitch. Oh, there's also the part where Brüno tries to make a sex tape with Ron Paul.

I've spent a lot of time talking about the plot but the plot isn't particularly important to the movie. Oh, I suppose they needed one but it exists to string together a series of funny episodes.

I happen to think Brüno is very funny and that Sasha Baron Cohen is a fearless genius but he crosses the good taste line so often that I can't blame people who think it's not funny and that Cohen is a fearless jerk.

I revealed more of the movie than I wanted to but if I hadn't, the whole review would have been "ZOMG Brüno is fckin AWSUM!!! :) :) :)" and writing easy reviews like that could become a bad habit.

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