Thursday, July 16, 2009

Look At My Briefs -- 7/16/09

Here is yet another edition of brief commentaries on various subjects I like to call Look At My Briefs.

I share Quint's enthusiasm for the possibility that an American version of Let The Right One In might actually be good, an idea that I would say has the same odds as the Earth being shattered by a giant comet and then spontaneously putting itself back together the way it was. If you read my review back in November, you know what a huge fan I am of this thought-provoking, intelligent and, sometimes, truly frightening film. Like Quint, I simply assumed the American remake would get Twilighted and the characters would turn from children experiencing a dark and fascinating coming-of-age tale in to a teenage romance story. I figured the vampire girl, Eli, would be played by someone like Evan Rachel Wood and that the script would be filled with scenes of her in the shower or sleeping nude. Fortunately, this poster shows that, at the very least, the lead characters will remain children.


Hey, remember that movie where Tim Allen brutally murdered Santa Claus and had to take his place? That was pure holiday fun, right? If you thought so, you'll love the idea of Russell Brand taking the Easter Bunny out of commission and having to take his place. I know the one thing this world has been missing is the concept of a foul mouthed, edgy British Easter bunny and it's about time the movie industry did something about it.


There's a guy named Joe Barlow I've known for about ten years but lost touch with when I decided to get a cooler group of friends. Fortunately, I learned important life lessons about core values and true friendship* so Joe is now once again welcome as a part of my world. Actually, he started following me on Twitter (I think he found me through a mutual friend) and when I saw the name @CinemaslaveJoe I knew who he was. It turns out he has his own website called Cinemaslave that isn't updated nearly often enough due to his insistence on having a life. I'm mentioning all of this mainly to call attention to his latest podcast which has a cool tribute to the late fandom legend Forrest J. Ackerman. I met Ackerman years ago and it must have been quite a thrill for him to meet me though he kept his cool the whole time. You can also check out Joe's short film The Wicked Witch Project which was the very best of approximately 8 billion parodies of The Blair Witch Project that were made.


Speaking of that, this is the tenth anniversary of the release of The Blair Witch Project. My recollection of that time is that this was the first example of successful viral internet marketing. Some of the marketing made it seem as if it was an actual documentary and a lot of people I knew both in real life and online thought it was a true story. They were often unswayed by, say, an appearance on Good Morning America by the actors saying it was a movie. Blair Witch holds up as an excellent and unconventional horror film.

* I may be confusing myself with a character in one of those teen comedies.

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