Thursday, July 9, 2009

Look At My Briefs -- 7/9/09

Ready to Look At My Briefs one more time? Okay, here we go.

I can't wait to see this new MacGruber movie. After all, if there's one truly reliable source of quality comedy, it's movies based on SNL sketches. Who can forget cinematic classic like The Ladies Man or Night At The Roxbury? The fact that the sketches themselves are just quick parodies of MacGuyver and don't much in the way of character development or continuous narrative is actually good news since the filmmakers will now be free to do whatever they want. Maybe MacGruber is in a band or raises alpacas for their wool. They could do all that and more. I just wish I could buy my ticket now.


I just got the DVD of Knowing, the thought provoking science fiction film from Alex Proyas and starring Nicolas Cage. Knowing so thoroughly captivated me that I wrote two different reviews, one normal review and another full of spoilers. Knowing is still an odd experience for me as I honestly can't say to this day whether I consider it to be a good movie. There's so much of it that bothers me yet I keep coming back to it. I'll probably end up writing a third review after I watch the DVD.


Wait a minute, Baywatch was something we weren't supposed to laugh at?


I can't wait to see Torchwood: Children of Earth. Everything I've seen and read says this broken show has been fixed and that you will be glued to the television screen. There are shows in America that would probably be better if they were reduced to a single storyline told over a handful of episodes each year.


Today's Michael Jackson coverage:
  • Some guy who sold Michael an ice cream cone when Michael was 12 will discuss how open and personable he was and say this is typical of people who order what Michael did: Chocolate Chip Butter Brickle.
  • Fans crying outside of Michael's home will be approached by reporters and be asked how Michael's death affected them. One will talk at length about how Michael's beautiful spirit will never truly leave us. Another will say, "You can see we're crying, right? How the hell do you THINK it affected us?"
  • Cameras will flock around Michael's grave when reports start coming in that Michael is being assumed into Heaven. These reports turn out to be wrong.

You know what else was a great movie based on a Saturday Night Live character? Superstar, the movie about Molly Shannon's Mary Catherine Gallagher. It's full of so many classically funny moments that they overloaded my memory and I can't recall a single one. Will Farrell played Jesus in that. You know that must have been funny. Let's hope MacGruber can be as good as Superstar.

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