Thursday, December 10, 2009

Look At My Briefs -- 12/10/09

My early Christmas gift to all of you is another edition of my brief comments on various subjects I like to call Look At My Briefs. (Expect a similar gift this time next week.)

For the most part, I can't argue with The A.V. Club's choices for 50 Best Films of the Decade though Up should have been on the list. My personal favorite would probably be a three way tie between Memento, No Country For Old Men and Lord of the Rings. Prestige? If you've never seen it, that's the movie where Hugh Jackman takes the most amazing thing humans have ever created and uses it to do a dumb trick for the purpose of petty revenge. There are a few others I would bump off the list but that's what really stuck out for me.

It must be a slow week for Chicago's drug, robbery and political corruption industries if local law enforcement has this much time to prosecute and possibly send someone to jail for filming three minutes of New Moon in a movie theater. Frankly I think the stupidity of the Twilight movies is somewhat muted when seen in grainy bootleg footage and not super slick film with high production values.

Really? Macgruber isn't even a sketch so much as it is a series of quick throwaway gags. This could set a dangerous precedent that would eventually lead to "Two A-Holes" and "Gilly" movies.

This is yet another of those "Everything sure was awesome back in the olden days" articles in which someone who hates sex talks about how movies were so much sexier when no one actually had sex and it's another example of people who just can't get the hell out of the past.

Put a hundred monkeys in a room with synthesizers and they could have easily come up with this generic song from Avatar. Here I was thinking Adam Lambert's song from 2012 would be the most annoying movie song of the year too.

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