Thursday, December 24, 2009

Look At My Briefs -- Christmas Eve Edition

Judging by that title, you'd think there would be loads of Christmas related content. You would be wrong.

I like this video made by the editor of The Onion. The voiceover was done by the great British comedian Peter Serafinowicz. I wonder if I spelled Serafinowicz correctly. No way to know. Moving on.

To you, Friday is Christmas. To me, it's Doctor Who Day. David Tennant's final appearance as The Doctor premieres on BBC One this Friday though it won't show in the U.S. until Saturday, I assume because England likes the thought of me being tortured. Still, if I wanted to watch it on Friday, there are, not that I would ever use those ways because they're wrong. Anyway, the episode called "The End of Time" looks to be a very good episode of my favorite show, a show that might get even better once Coupling and Jekyll author Stephen Moffat takes over as showrunner. All this means nothing to they who are not fans of Doctor Who. If you don't like that show, you're wrong.

I know I've said this before but, come on, The Squeakquel?

I must not understand movie marketing because I find it fascinating that neither this short trailer nor this longer trailer for the movie Valentine's Day bother to tell us that the cast includes Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner. At least the second one showed them in it but it still didn't list their names. It did list Eric Dane's name so, while they ignored the fact that some people may want to watch a movie with two of the hottest young stars in show business, they will manage to get all those mega legions of Eric Dane fans* into the theater.

It's a shame about Brittany Murphy. It's also a shame that every little detail of her death rates front page coverage. The way it's being covered, you'd think TMZ and other gossip sites were expecting her to rise from the dead.

According to this douchebag, movies just aren't as profitable as they were in the olden days because of all the hot, filthy sex. You may know sex as that thing to which all other pleasures are compared. He completely ignores the rise of television, video games and DVDs in the time period he cites and lays it all at the feet of the sexual revolution. Oh well, I'm sure Hollywood appreciates it when right wingers give them advice on how to become more profitable.

It's nice to see James Cameron's technological advances will be put to good use in future films.

Merry Christmas all. It's only Christmas Eve so there's still time for you all to chip in and buy me an iPhone. I promise I won't pressure you with a reminder that I proved free entertainment all year long.

*I believe their organization is called the "Who The Fuck Is Eric Dane?" Club.

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